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The Elwy is a spate tributary of the River Clwyd. The Club has rods on four beats. The lower beat is about 2 miles above St. Asaph and 1 mile in length. Spinning and worming are the preferred methods but fly-fishing is also quite possible and not too difficult. It is not a good holding water and therefore it is important to try to be on the water during or soon after a spate.

The club also has access to beats on the Rhyl and St Asaph AS waters.


Photo by Chris Hyde

Night fishing for sea-trout will bring results but can cause difficulty when in close proximity to the bank side foliage however, an accomplished angler able to cope with the isolation and with an iron nerve will succeed!

Three higher beats are more accessible and are better holding water. Although best results are achieved after a spate, fishing can be good for a longer period after high water. Night fishing is good and results can be spectacular. Best months for sea-trout are June and July. A small rise in water will bring up sea-trout but a substantial flood is required to make the salmon run.

A 9 Lb Elwy sea trout captor Chris Hyde

The Clwyd is a lowland river totally different to the Elwy. The Clwyd colours up badly after rain and is slow to run off. This beat often fishes well a week after the Elwy has run dry! Our beat is approximately 1 mile of right-hand bank with a number of small pools and lies that hold salmon and sea-trout. Most of the pools can be fished with a fly.


The tackle shop in St. Asaph , Foxon's, are very helpful with enquiries about fishing conditions on these waters.