Wirral Game Fishing











The Lledr is a tributary of the Conwy, rising on Moel Siabod and joining the main river just outside Betws-y-Coed. There is a native stock of brown trout, together with salmon and sea-trout. WGFC has about 2.5 miles of the right bank.

Parts of the beat are very rocky and slippy in wet conditions and anglers are advised to wear tungsten studded thigh waders/footwear, which helps in gaining some purchase on the rocks.

The river, because of its rocky nature and steep descent, offers exciting spate fishing in the two or three days following a flood, when it can be very productive. Like all spate rivers, timing is of the essence. Most of the pools are small and because of this, together with the steepness of the banks and rough terrain, offer little opportunity for fly fishing. Night fishing is definitely not recommended. Spinning, worm and shrimp are generally considered the most effective methods and fish can and do turn up almost anywhere as a spate is running off. Fish can often be spotted in their lies as the water clears.

Probably the earliest one can expect fish is in May but the bulk of fish enter the river from July onwards, peaking towards the end of the season. This is mainly a salmon river with few sea-trout leaving the River Conwy to ascend the Lledr